• LandCARE

    Land, climate and resources
  • LandSeminar

    Knowledge on climate change, ecosystems, agriculture and rural areas

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  • LandLab

    Field trials, experiments and current projects

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  • LandCulture

    Space for activities and information on cultivation, cultural affairs and art

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Main objectives of the LandCARE activities are (1) the setup of projects with a strong focus on issues which are closely related to practical work as well as (2) the analysis of results of previous projects to support and improve educational work.

The activities of LandCARE are based on experience from previous research projects where Technische Universität Dresden was one of the project partners.

Brief selection of main projects

  • LandCaRe2020
  • LandCaRe-DSS
  • Climate change and agricultural biodiversity
  • Climate change and agriculture in Mexiko

Information about project experience


  • Provision and Arrangement

    Provision and Arrangement

  • Land Use

    Land Use

  • Regional Adaptation to Climate Change

    Regional Adaptation to Climate Change

  • Future-oriented Usage

    Future-oriented Usage

  • Water Management

    Water Management

  • Climate Change

    Climate Change